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What is Decoupage?  Once I placed an order, how long before I receive my egg?
How are these eggs made? 
What some of my customers said.. 
Handling & Care  Can I order an egg using my own design?
   How fragile are these Eggs and will they survive the postal system?   With which Currency do I pay for my order?
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Decoupage, derived from the French word decouper, meaning to cut out, is the creative art of assembling, pasting and varnishing paper cut-outs for decorating objects.   The decoupage artist is limited only by his or her imagination.  Anyone who can use scissors and glue can decoupage!   With time, education and experience the decoupeur will progress from simple designs to complex works of art.

The History of Decorated Eggs
Earliest recorded instance of decorated egg - 722 B.C. in China 
In 13th century England, King Edward l gave eggs decorated with gold leaf. 
Alexander lll of Russia asked Carl Faberge' to make an egg for his wife, Empress Maria Fedorovna in 1885. 

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How are these eggs made? 

The chicken egg is blown, washed, disinfected and dried. After the surface preparation the designs are cut from various wrapping papers, and glued onto the egg. If there is a message to be written, it is done next using a calligraphy pen.  After a further drying time the eggs are dipped into lacquer left to dry for six hours. When dried the whole surface is lightly sanded. The dipping process is repeated 11 more times. After the final coat the egg is left to dry for 12 hours.  To finish the egg the caps are placed on top and bottom and  the ribbon is threaded through the egg. Finally the egg is nestled on fine tissue paper and placed into the gift box

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Handling and care for Decoupage Eggs

The egg is handled like you you would any fragile objects. The 12 coats of lacquer will give the egg a certain strength, however whilst it will survive a fall onto carpet or soft surface, it probably will crack if dropped onto a hard surface. Also be careful letting  children handle the eggs as they naturally try to see how strong the egg is by squeezing or banging the egg. 

Display & Cleaning

The egg will keep nicely providing it is kept out of direct sunlight. To clean just wipe the egg with a fine dust cloth.

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  Delivery Time

is usually 14 to 20 days after placement of order. The process of making  an egg takes about 6 days. Airmail depending on the postal efficiency ,who knows?, but should be no longer than 7 days. During my busy periods October to December it will take up to 20 days for your order to arrive. Please keep in mind that in December the postal system is also very busy and some delays can also be experienced. Anyone who orders an egg as a Christmas present should have the order placed by the 1st week in December. We can offer delivery by FedEx.at a price quoted on receipt of the order.    

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How Fragile are the Eggs

I have been sending my eggs to many countries by Airmail including the US, Europe and South America. I am happy to report that in 7 years we had no report of damage to the eggs during transport. 

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  Currency used on this site

All prices quoted on this site are in US Dollars. For example an egg costing US$ 12.40 is approximately  DM 24.00 or � 9.00. Please note. these forgone calculations are based on an average exchange rate and can vary from time to time 

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  Using your own design

I had many requests to craft eggs with special designs or even photographs (for a wedding)  supplied by my customers. If you have a special design just email me with the information and attach a copy of the design or photo to the message. I will get back to you to advise if it can be done and a quote for the time and cost   

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  Privacy & Security

All customers information is being kept in strict confidence and are never given to third parties such as mailing lists ect. Financial transactions are via the secure server of our shopping cart provider.

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